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Radient Silence Spanierman Modern

January 5 - February 6, 2010

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"Jimmy Ernst at Spanierman"
Article by Jennifer Lander at the East Hampton Star

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DVD Video: Jimmy and Max Ernst: Dada Son

ISBN 1-882660-20-X
Running time: 28 minutes
DVD Format: $39.95

Narrated by Eli Wallach
Guest appearances by Edward Albee and Douglas Dreishspoon, Ph.D. (curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery)
Produced by Linda Freeman
Directed by David Irving
Written by Eric Ernst, Douglas Dreishspoon, and David Irving

From the Dada movement in the early 1900s to Surrealism in the 1920s and finally to Abstract Surrealism and Modernism, tells the tale of Jimmy and Max Ernst, is the history of 20th-Century Art. The son of Max Ernst, Jimmy’s work celebrates the expanse of human experience. The honesty demonstrated in his search for meaning through his art, and his struggle to define himself, makes for a powerful viewing experience.

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Cover and Book Design by Marcus Ratliff
In this new book on the artist Jimmy Ernst from Hudson Hills Press Inc., the life and work of this remarkable individual is shown in a stunning collection of prose and color reproductions.

Featuring essays by Kurt Vonnegut and Donald Kuspit and edited by Phyllis Braff of the New York Times, the book expresses the ethereal beauty of this great artist's work and reflects on his role and influence in the formation of the contemporary art world in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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"A Not-So-Still Life reads like a novel Balzac might have invented, if he had had a father as famous and infamous as the Surrealist trailblazer Max Ernst, a mother as remarkable as the cruelly doomed Lou... His is a memoir that will grip you and haunt you for a very long time." - Budd Schulberg



Jimmy Ernst, son of twentieth-century giant Max Ernst, the great Surrealist, and a major painter himself, relates with pain and humor both his European childhood amidst a community that was revolutionizing art and literature on the eve of World War II and his arrival in America at eighteen, alone and penniless, with no knowledge of English, where he found support and the home he had never had. It is a moving account of growing up as the son of a brilliant, erratic father who looms large, for good and ill; and most of all, it is a tribute to and an appreciation of his mother, Louise Straus-Ernst, art historian and journalist, who vanished on one of the last trains to Auschwitz.

Studded with the leading personalities of art in our time and the colorful characters on its periphery - Paul Eluard and his wife, Gala, Max's lover and later the internationally known Dragon Lady, Madame Dali; Andre Breton, tyrannical spokesman for the Surrealists; Peggy Guggenheim, who saved Max with her money and love from Hitler's Europe; Paul Klee, diapering the infant Jimmy; Mondrian, Baziotes, Pollock, and the other giants of the era - this memoir takes us from the Dada happenings through Guggenheim's "Art of This Century" to the manifestoes of the New York School of Abstract Expressionism.

  Browse through the book and read short excerpts from some of the following chapters

An Echo Etched in Smoke

A Cage of Nightmares
Darkness Über Alles
The Luxury of Sadness
Some Desperate Dances
Yesterday is a Far-off Shore
Postscript: Cell#12-May 1944-Lou Ernst
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